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Rob Wilson

Human Performance Specialist

Rob Wilson is a Human Performance Specialist with over twenty years of manual therapy, coaching, and education experience. Rob's work spans a variety of avenues in the field of health and human performance. This includes multiple trademarks, the creation of global seminars and curriculums, and the research, development and implementation of best practices in human performance. Over the last decade Rob has been a pioneer in the research and development of breath control practices for health and high level performance. Rob has contributed ideas and presented to the best of the best including the UFC Performance Institute, ALTIS, and to the U.S. and Allied Special Forces. Rob is also an avid martial artist and surfer as well as a devoted husband and father. When he's not nose deep in research you can find him on the mat or with his wife and their many animals.



Rob regularly publishes in periodicals as well as self-publishing on his Substack site. He covers a wide variety of topics including human health and performance, resilience, philosophy, and more. 


SimpliFaster is a highly sought after resource for those in the human performance industry. Visited by thousands of coaches and human performance professionals daily, the SimpliFaster blog offers deeper insight into current topics in sports performance and coaching.  

SimpliFaster Rob Wilson


The Check Engine Light Substack offers weekly insights into the topic of performance longevity. 

SubStack Rob Wilson

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