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Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson is a Human Performance Specialist with over twenty years in manual therapy, coaching, and education.  Rob's work spans a variety of avenues in the field of health and human performance.  This includes multiple trademarks, the creation of global seminars and curriculums, and the research, development and implementation of best practices in human performance.  

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"I love how Rob thinks.  He's one of those guys who knows a ton of things about a ton of things--but more importantly, see the big picture: how all of those things interconnect to support the purpose of improved health and performance."
"Rob's ability to articulate and teach concepts surrounding stress, adaptation, and the use of breath to optimize performance is remarkable. He is patient, understanding, and a phenomenal story teller. All of these traits aid in his unique ability to teach.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to be his student."
“Working with Rob over the last five years has made lasting improvements to my overall health and well being.  His coaching has helped put me in a peak state to balance physical challenges while managing stress and recovery.”
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